Artist's Statement:

Creating art works in my own interpretation is a joy when others examine them and express their pleasure, and inquisitive "that's cool, how do you do that?".  I have always wanted to "do something different", and now have the opportunity to pursue that endeavor in full vigor and effort.  The images, and their encapsulating frames, are one of a kind.  Over time I have developed a multi-step process to to gain the beautiful copper color patina and lines that make these pictures pleasingly unique.  No picture, or frame is the same.  My "studio" is a combination of a drawing room, metal cutting/welding area, and a wood working area.  The metal cutting is done with a hand held plasma torch cutting through 20 gauge steel, and the welded relief images with a mig welder.  The frames are in themselves works of art.  I strive to collect only the most weathered, yet quality, wood that will compliment and add distinction to the picture.  The wood sculptures are carved to obtain the best grain and color match.  Often the wood contains original rusted nails, and nail holes. 

If you have purchased one of my pieces in the past, I hope you appreciate the unique nature of the picture, all hand drawn and cut, mounted in definitely one of a kind frames.  No "computer assist" in the metal cutting.  I have never seen anyone do what I do.  The pictures can be duplicated, sort of, but the frames cannot.  There is a limit to the amount, and kind, of wood I have aquired.  So prices reflect the unique, one of a kind, artistic work and  wood frames.

Thanks for your support!


Artist's Biography

Brad Willason has been a California resident all his life.  Raised and attending school in Riverside he went on to attain a Bachelors degree in biology and chemistry from the University of California San Diego, along the way studying art history, styles and techniques.  He has  always been a "creator" and even designed and personally built a custom triangular shaped home, complete with triangular front windows that resembled eyes looking out onto the valley below.  Art on a very large scale, so to speak.  After spending over 2 decades in medical sales,  he has retired from corporate life to persue unique metal and wood artistry.  Work to him in this field is an oxymoron statement since he now truly loves this style of doing what he personally feels will be something that others will enjoy now, and for many years in the future. The need to try something different has propelled Brad to break new grounds, and also the rules, which always results in unique, successful styles and accomplishmentsHis techniques in metal sculpting and tinting, married with his personally constructed, beautifully weathered wood sculptures and frames, are something he has perfected and he takes great pride in making sure each piece is a quality, "one of a kind" work of art.

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